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Digital Solutions

The Colors Agency develops and optimizes professional websites, virtual stores, digital marketing campaigns, paid and free advertising on Google, website hosting and much more!

Websites and Virtual stores creation

Creation of responsive wordpress sites and other platforms, customer area, virtual store resources and more possibilities.

Digital Marketing - SEO

Strategies to give the company visibility on the web. Creation of campaigns in Google (paid and organic results). Instagram and Facebook Ads, E-mail marketing.

Data analysis and engagement

The Colors Agency will process relevant data of its audience in order to be more and more assertive, creating behavior profiles and specific campaigns for each one of them.

Our Business is your sucess! 

Website Creation

Responsive, customizable layout sites that adapt seamlessly to mobile devices. Technologies to give a Boost to your business and specialized consulting for you to reach the top in the searches of the main search engines and social networks.

Current Trends

Digital Marketing

We can describe digital marketing as a set of strategies that aim to make an online business notorious. The main tricks used to do this in 2019 are: Results highlighted in Google, Instagram / Facebook Ads, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO.

Featured Results on Google

Exclusive Colors Agency service: We will develop high quality results with desired keywords.

Targeted Campaigns

With customer profiles in hand, we will design assertive campaigns in order to lead them to a certain action.


Enhancements for high visibility on the web. Fully mobile friendly website for use on smartphones.

You closer to your audience

Data is the Future

We live in a time when marketing and advertising decisions cannot be made solely on the basis of observations or trends. Today, anyone who doesn’t base their actions on targeted data analytics is likely to lose money.


Millions of data are generated every minute and it is up to the entrepreneur to identify which of them are relevant, capture them, cross them and, from there, perform a thorough analysis to identify trends, possible internal problems and market opportunities.


With the technological evolutions it is always necessary to be attentive to what is best in the market. We only work with cutting-edge software to give your project the brightness it deserves.

We specialize in developing immersive online environments that send high technology leading your customers to perform desired actions such as calling or filling out a form on your site or online store.

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